Sport Science

I’m not going to pretend to understand the genuine love and obsession that goes in to the so called “beautiful game.” I have a working knowledge of the rules and can probably rustle up some chants if needs be,

It’s an unnatural tangent for me to take, but, as I explore the ways in which people are relating to the unrest and uncertainty of the days we’re in, this became some sort of beacon for many.

With the return to our normal lives depending on the development of an effective treatment and/or a vaccine for COVID-19, science has never seemed so important.

However, while Scientists are the champions that we should all be behind, the world of football remains, according to polls last week, more viewed and more trusted than the “eggheads” trying to conquer a humungous feat.

After sporting news began reporting that, despite the football season (along with a myriad of other sporting events) being on hold, a jaw dropping transfer of £15m for a dribbling aficionado, one researcher made headlines of her own.

The unnamed Spanish researcher’s reaction brilliantly encapsulated the paradox between the two parallel worlds and became immediately popular on social media. Feeling pressured to give an answer about a possible timeline for a vaccine for COVID-19, she reportedly affirmed: ‘you have given millions of euros to football players, and only 1300 euros a month to biologists; now go to Ronaldo to find a cure for Corona’.

Words by Daisy Sells