Rabens Saloner SS21 Copenhagen Fashion Week

Rabens Saloner debuted its first show at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS21. With a creative digital show, Rabens Saloner embraces the vision of a New Now and the hybrid fashion weeks. The show, an alluring cinematic experience, showcases the essence of Rabens Saloner is a brand manifesting a strong vision for female empowerment under the creative direction and sharp eye of Birgitte Raben.

“We are thrilled to launch our very first show. Being a brand that is all about the people and real-time relationships, launching online was never in the cards. However, looking into the future, being able to adapt and innovate is key and naturally inherent for us here at Rabens Saloner” – Founder & Creative Director, Birgitte Raben.

With the 2021.1 collections, Rabens Saloner emphasizes the importance of allowing dreams and optimism to thrive in a collection that is uncomplicated, light, and truly beautiful. Rabens Saloners’s latest campaign cast Aoife Lou opened the show in a bubblegum pink and black floaty, draped showpiece setting the mood for the show as fun, relaxed, and the true essence of summer. The collection is infused with silhouettes that are easy and uncontrived, sexy yet casual, as is inherent in any Rabens Saloner woman.

Quiet confidence makes space for playful and positive statements on styles and exaggerated proportions throughout the collection. Further, a series of daywear, dresses, and swimwear executed in variations of handmade tie-dyes have long been a Rabens Saloner DNA, and this season plays with textures on a variation of fabrics. A series of floor-length dresses and statement accessories, such as wide-brimmed sun hats, give the collection the Rabens Saloner vibe. The ending mirrors the beginning with an astonishing yellow and black tie-dye showpiece displaying Rabens Saloner’s craftsmanship and the ideal to exert themselves, always.