CHITO x Veilance Artist Collaboration Collection

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Times of change invite creatives to change their ways of thinking. Veilance creative director Taka Kasuga generally prefers a patient evolution of ideas over a snappy about-face, but even prior to the pandemic he was considering methods of prodding the Vancouver-based brand towards the future. One small step for Kasuga is a major leap for Veilance; the minimalist, logo-free label is preparing to launch its debut artist collaboration, showcasing CHITO‘s illustrative skill.


Importantly, the collaboration dually celebrates Veilance’s insulating wares and CHITO’s creativity; rather than, say, simply printing CHITO imagery atop a graphic T-shirt, Veilance sent the Seattle-based artist 55 of its most recognizable garments and accessories. CHITO individually airbrushed each one, yielding one-off items elevated by reflective highlighted seams and illustrated faces.


All profits from the limited edition collaborative endeavor will benefit the inclusive Vertical Generation charity. All of the hand-brushed CHITO pieces will launch on Veilance’s website September 24.