Everyday’s a Holiday – Will Covid-19 Travel?

Staying safe during this pandemic has been at the top of everybody’s mind lately. We’re quickly ‘adapting’ to preventative measures like: social-distancing and wearing a face-mask. The seasonal holidays are approaching, and we’re beginning to realize that celebrating just like in previous years, might not be the same this time around.

The CDC says, “Traveling increases the chance of getting and spreading COVID-19. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others.” 

While said recommendation be advised, people might naturally want to be with their loved ones for the holidays. Close friends and family who do choose to attend a gathering, can still do so safely, by being outdoors.

Getting out into a designated campground, or even meeting in a pavilion at your local park are some event ideas to host. A backyard patio session? Bon fire!

The outdoors – surrounded by the natural elements. A breath of clarity knowing that it is minimal risk of catching/spreading Covid-19. Think of this as an opportunity to explore the wild side of friends and relatives. A socially-responsible outdoor gathering may even help you understand yourself  better. Any green field, mountain-stream, or garden-path can be a place to come together while keeping a safe distance. Bring along a ball, throw up a hammock, or consider having a picnic in the woods; everyone will love re-connecting with each other and with nature. If, on the other hand, the weather doesn’t allow, or it isn’t possible to be physically together because of long-distance, then consider hanging out digitally.


Video chatting brings us face-to-face while completely depleting the risk of the spread. You might get closer to Grandma’s face than you intended, but that’s ok, because at least she won’t get Covid. This is a great way to communicate with family and keep traditions alive. Reclaim a family recipe, turn on your camera and share your experience as you cook with loved ones.

These holidays give us the opportunity to think about the people, places and things that actually matter.  Remind yourselves to treat everyday as a holiday, and be grateful for the opportunities we do have to connect safely. Considering loved ones means to be socially-responsible, and acting the part in preventing the spread of Covid-19.  We are at an advantage to be advanced in science and technology, which gives us the understanding of which behaviors we must accustom to to protect one another. The holidays are here, Covid-19 just makes us do them differently.