How to Look After Mind and Body During the COVID Crisis

What I anticipated as being 2 weeks in isolation – at most – has now turned to 7 months and counting. At first, I struggled, having to adjust to staying and working from home, stuck in a room, it was and is almost comparable to being on house arrest, deprived of social interaction with anyone other than those you are in captivity with. These thoughts are of course going to have a domino effect on your mental health, and on top of that your physical movement is being restricted, we need those endorphins now more than ever.

However, we need to appreciate the yin with the yang…believe it or not there are perks to this lockdown, we now have an endless amount of time to nurture ourselves. We can wake up and instead of going on an hour and a half commute (in my case), we can meditate or exercise before starting out the day, we can go on sunrise runs and sunset walks to free our minds of everything going on in the world. Not only that but we now have the time to do everything we put off, whether that’s reading the books from the list you’ve been creating over the past year or spring cleaning your home. Amidst the madness, we now have the luxury of time, time to take care not only of our body but our mind, and whether that is through decluttering your space or working out 5 times a week, there is something we can all do.