Why Fargo Season 4 Is So Relevant Today

The new season of Fargo starts off with Ethelrida Pearl Smutny (a pivotal individual in history) portrayed by E’myri Crutchfield narrating the story of two crime syndicates in Kansas City MO. Now, the reason why Fargo is such a pivotal show in this day and age of race relations, it tells the story of how Jewish, Irish, Italian and black migrants created a large crime syndicate in Missouri primarily set in 1950. Each nationality is working to create a prosperous life by way of crime and power but yet intertwining each other’s race.

This was the way of life erstwhile but as time transcends it isn’t much different than today. Every race is has been and is still trying to make a better life for themselves and their families just as it was prior to. Each individual person depicted in the series had their own American dream and worked in a non-traditional way to obtain it but, racism from all sides stood in their way.

Race relations will always be a contentious debate in America and albeit there aren’t prevalent crime syndicates running the cities now, the point that is being made here is that history does show us that as long as we have the hope of obtaining our dream, we must work hard to make sure those dreams come true for us all.