Elves Behavin’ Badly- Much Needed Cheer

Vicky Pattison joined forces with her good mate Pete Wicks to spread much needed festive cheer across London. In their latest project with Elves Behavin’ Badly, the duo took to London’s streets dressed as cheeky elves Elfie and Elvie.

But Pete got more than he bargained for as he prepared to turn on Christmas lights wrapped around a 10m high tree. As he hit the button, the trunk snapped in two, leaving him in shock and prankster Vicky in hysterics. Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Pete said: “I don’t think you could have two better mischievous elves than me and Vic. Playing pranks on people is my thing, however, she got me good with this Christmas tree one. I genuinely s**t myself. It was quite shocking.”

A self-declared Scrooge, Pete continued: “That’s the bit of Christmas I don’t mind. That naughty element when people get a little bit drunk and have a bit of fun with stuff… It’s just all the emotional stuff I don’t like. It’s the perfect time for mischievous elves to bring a little bit of light-heartedness to what’s been a terrible year for everyone.”

Vicky said: “I absolutely love Christmas and can’t get enough of the silly season, after this awful year it’s the perfect time to get a little mischievous and have a laugh with your mates.” “I love spreading a little festive cheer and couldn’t resist the chance to play naughty elf Elvie and pull the biggest Christmas prank on my good mate Pete.”