SANKUANZ Autumn/Winter 2021 is the result of the post-pandemic era. When public order is compromised, when common sense is challenged, Toledo when chaos and disorder become the new norm, how would human beings cope with this neurontin 800mg reality? This is the subject this season is trying to address.

The show was held under a 1/3 scale replica of the Eiffel tower in Tiandu City, Hangzhou. The absurd building covered in hasty darkness stands as the symbol of pre-pandemic civilization, as well as a joke with dark humor.

The collection continues the cold and sharp style from previous seasons. The metal spikes, buckled leather straps as well as the cilices has meticulously hidden around the waist, may all seem to be terribly aggressive. But in fact, the aggressions are directed at the wearer himself, symbolizing self-punishment. If this world-wide pandemic is nature’s punishment for the human race, then self-punishment is to offset sorrow with sorrow.

This collection will also present the collaborations with Gentle Monster and G-Shock.