The Beautiful Curvy released the new 2021 calendar

A new year full of hope for a better future is coming after a year lived at a distance with many precautions for us and our loved ones. A difficult year, which for various security reasons, given the Covid situation, Beautifulcurvy team decided to create a calendar with a selection of the most significant images of the past years. They have been carrying out this project for the enhancement of curvy and plus-sized women for almost a decade and is aimed at supporting women to love each other more to accept and value themselves.

”Nowadays it seems almost normal to go towards inclusion, given that many newspapers point to bodypositivity, the diversity of bodies. I was among the first in Italy to show normal women with their soft shapes, without retouching to give well-being and acceptance to a slice of the market that represents about half of Italian women. Every year I searched through a casting for the most suitable women for this project aimed at helping other women. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I chose some girls who later became models, influencers or simply confident and happy women with their lives.” –

Barbara Christmann

A special selection of past issues a “Best of Beautifulcurvy” which is visible from the beginning of 2021 on to ensure the continuity of the project. The important thing is to carry out this project of enhancing beauty that is not stereotyped, but natural and without retouching, to emphasize that it is not linked to thinness, but to well-being in one’s own body, in health.

Each person is beautiful with his character, his personality and his heart that makes us unique. Beauty shines through the eyes, the smile and the charm that strikes us. A mix between the envelope that you see, and the content that you discover along the way. The choice of images is a story of life among the hugs that are missing in our life, to our dedication to cooking which this year has been an important theme, being at home. In comparison with ourselves by putting ourselves on the line to see new unions and to be born many children. Soft women are reassuring and in art they represent pure beauty as in Botticelli’s spring. Every woman is special with a unique beauty that sets us apart look at the girls groups in the photos of the Beautifulcurvy 2021 calendar.

All different, but beautiful as a whole. Some have become friends over time. Participation in the calendar for many is a path of personal growth, after getting involved on a photographic set, they overcome certain fears and compare themselves with other women similar to them, given their similar past. A beautiful experience that leaves its traces.

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