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Lapland Hotels SnowVillage. Sirly Ylläsjärvi.

MasterChef competitor Sirly Ylläsjärvi has built the world’s first ice and snow Chef’s Table kitchen in Ylläs, Finnish Lapland. Together with Lapland Hotels SnowVillage and Miele, Sirly Ylläsjärvi has designed a Chef’s Table from ice and snow. Chef’s table is a show-based dinner hosted by a professional chef. It’s private for the customers and it involves learning about cooking and enjoying an exceptional atmosphere and drinks. There will be Miele’s integrated stoves and ovens and music and lights will be planned as well.

Sirly Ylläsjärvi, Tomi Kurtakko and Miele team

They wanted to offer something more unprecedented and private for the customers. Chef’s Table can be booked for your own private use with a chef and waiter. Chef’s Table will also be used for filming a commercial clip for Italian brand Mutti. The commercial is going to be shown on Finland’s, Sweden’s, and Norway’s social media.

Miele is one of the top brands in producing domestic appliances for kitchens and Snow Village can be remembered a few years back from the popular Game of Thrones-themed snow village. Sirly Ylläsjärvi presented this idea for Miele and SnowVillage and luckily they were both excited about the project. The project will be interesting to execute because nothing like this has ever been done before.

SnowVillage has been build for the 19th time this year and the art created from ice is outstanding! Kurtakko brothers Tomi, Rami, and Tuomas have built the first snow castle with their father to the center of village Ylläsjärvi. During the best season, 90 000 people visited in SnowVillage, so there has been massive growth during 19 years. SnowVillage is now part of Lapland Hotels.

Lapland Hotels SnowVillage. ’’SnowVillage is one of Europe’s largest ice and snow building complex,” says Sirly Ylläsjärvi

“Every year we aim at creating something new to our concept. This year we decided to build the first functioning Chef’s Table inside the ice. Before the project, we went through the practical things with Miele. What kind of procedures this kind of building project needs and is it really possible to integrate ovens and stoves into ice and even make them function. We came to the conclusion to combine our expertise. Miele is confident with their products and we are confident with ice.’’ Tomi Kurtakko

Photos Tuomas Kurtakko

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