PatBO Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection

PatBO’s Autumn/Winter 2021 Collection entitled “Memorias” seeks to create a sensory journey that connects traditional old-world techniques with modern silhouettes by bringing the past to the future.

Bonaldi drew inspiration from the “New Bohemian” style and glamour of the 1970s with shimmering lurex gowns, and shiny satin bodysuits. This decade also saw a reemergence of folkloric traditions and a free-spirited approach to fashion. Original hand-painted prints are playful and joyous. Artwork reminiscent of Cordel Traditions from the Northeast region of Brazil – tiny books of poetry worn around the neck of the author – was the inspiration behind the Cordel Print with its depictions of horses, birds, and other motifs. Vegan-suede separates with hand-sewn embroidery are a further nod to the wintry bohemian aesthetic.

The collection is dreamy and our only wish is that we can’t get our hands on it now!