REMAIN Autumn Winter 2021

Conceived in a world of lockdowns and travel bans, the collection reinterprets the urban uniform of the Copenhagen woman as she rediscovers her hometown through the eyes of a tourist. The showcase takes place in a city of white, inflatable houses. The life-sized set provides a familiar yet unknown cityscape in which the model moves about, a recognizable scene from our current lives: the daily walk, for many one of a few opportunities to get dressed, has become an occasion to rediscover your local neighborhood and viewing your own city in a new light.

Playing on the theme of the familiar and the local, the show captures the theme of being a tourist in your own city. Likewise, the collection takes its starting point in the urban attire of Copenhagen women, reimaging the city’s famed instinct for effortless cool. The collection revolves around the standout pieces of the everyday wardrobe, as seen on a denim-on-denim look, puffer coats, and a tracksuit which introduce an unexpected luxe feel: a padded puffer overcoat receives a shiny patent leather finish, a loose-fitting tracksuit is crafted from baby pink leather, and the REMAIN signature leather trench coat is recreated in a pink/white tie-dye print.

“With this collection, we were really able to adapt to the current state of the world and how we live our lives. Like so many others, daily walks became a new source of energy and also inspiration, allowing me to look at my neighborhood from a fresh perspective. I found inspiration and joy in rediscovering the familiar. This collection crafts an urban uniform inspired by my own city, offering wardrobe stables in a fresh and unexpected way.”

  • Denise Christensen, CEO and Creative Director,

REMAIN In recent collections, REMAIN has focused on reinvented wardrobe heroes, honing their approach to outerwear, denim, and knitwear, while adding unexpected and uniquely REMAIN details. In this collection, you will find new prints on the brand’s favored materials: tie-dye print on leather, leopard print on denim. Elsewhere, petite elastic bands are added to a pair of patent overalls and luxurious details are added to knits. Adapting to a digital format, the collection is previewed in a show video featuring the Danish model and Copenhage-ner Olivia Vinten as well as an image campaign shot by Rasmus Weng Karlsen.