Style from Saint + Sofia

Saint and Sofia is based in London, England creating fashion and accessories that are fair and sustainable.  We believe in challenging the status quo; fusing the art of design with the science of production.  We design all of our styles in our London studios and make them exclusively in Europe with family-owned factories that we control.

We design all of our collections in our studios on the Southbank in London, inspired by modern culture, art and music (the art). We’ve spent years building a smart supply chain using data science, machine learning and lean manufacturing principles (the science).  This way, we’re able to offer better value and fairer prices to our customers because our costs are lower.

We have dedicated sampling studios and offices in Europe that oversees the production of all of our styles. For instance, our scarves, trainers and boots are all made with the finest materials in Italy with artisan craftsmen who make a few at a time.  Our tailors and seamstresses use modern technology or work by hand to finish every style with care.

Storytelling is core to what we believe; that fashion can excite and enrich our everyday lives. We believe that storytelling can be powerful, allowing us to escape for even the briefest of moments to explore new places, themes and ideas. We love to tell stories, inspired by our collections and the world around us.

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