Vevo announces the release of Declan McKenna’s live performance of “Rapture.” “Rapture” comes off of McKenna’s new album Zeros, the first since his critically acclaimed debut, What Do You Think About The Car? in 2017.

Said McKenna about Zeros:
“In terms of my artistic development, it feels a major step on from my first record. With this album, if I’m performing as a character, I wanted it to give it everything- all the artists that I love like Dylan, Nick Cave, or Bowie, are great storytellers because they give their characters really intense, sometimes strange voices.”
Declan has garnered praise from the likes of Billboard, USA Today, and The A.V. Club, who said, “Declan McKenna has one of the strongest cases to be made in years for continuing the tradition of McCartney-Esque melodies, with simple instrumentation and addictive hooks… more swaggering, Bowie-like intensity at times, but otherwise, McKenna’s the real deal of unfiltered, organic pop songcraft arranged with the fundamentals—and little else, because it’s all he needs.”
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