Ottolinger AW21 Is a Collection For a Drastically Changed World

We have lost and renewed our faith in the power of creativity. A duality embedded in our ‘future-elf’ collection which features healing knits, comforting dresses, exaggerated and dreamlike prints by Cheyenne Julien, business suits for the 3rd dimension, and shielding outerwear intuitively sculpted as if by nature, after a billion-years of random mutations. The clothes have the ability to convey a variety of effects, from comfort to happiness or intense curiosity – often at the same time.

Ottolinger AW21 is fundamentally a grand tale of both realism and futural magic; a melding of past-reinterpretation and future-hope crafting, that draws on themes of rebellion, resistance, the transformation of tradition, and a defiance of authority: all key pillar s of the ‘future-elf’ aesthetic.

Ottolinger – Christa Bösch & Cosima Gadient

Look photos – Mark Peckmezian Photos by Shotti NYC featuring Cheyenne Julien, Tau Lewis, Eric N. Mack