Former Bottega Veneta Director Launches Sustainable Shoe Brand

Newly launched o2Monde, born from Bottega Veneta’s former Accessories Director Mirco Scoccia, has been initiating the shift in lab-grown alternatives such as mushroom leather for their coveted accessories this year!

o2Monde truly cares about the planet and our place in it. Their fashion-forward, vegan, and cruelty-free footwear is more than just being about beautifully crafted Italian footwear, but it is made to honor the Earth’s heritage and protect its future. Replacing animal hides and synthetic plastics with supple plant-based skins, Scoccia is creating a refreshing new lease of life in fashion, where we can indulge in some guilt-free luxury footwear as well as collectible item – the packaging is made from Old Celine’s paper goods!

The new collection even dedicates several styles after different women who have been pivotal in environmental activism and conservation, such as the Greta sneaker, inspired by Greta Thunberg. In addition, for each pair of shoes purchased, the sustainable shoe brand will donate 1% of its profits to One Percent Planet to offset its environmental impact.

A modern, mindful wardrobe that helps you look your best, live your best life, and protect our collective future, o2Monde is certain to make waves this upcoming year.