Thousands enjoy ‘best day of their lives’ at post-lockdown rave in UK

Excited ravers have branded last night’s pilot event the best day of their lives, after returning to the dancefloor without social distancing measures.

Friday’s concert in Liverpool – which saw around 3,000 clubbers enjoy a second night of music in Covid test events – has been hailed by public health leaders as a glimpse of what the summer might hold. Thousands of revellers became lab rats at the UK’s first major event dubbed by health experts as ‘a scientific experiment.’ All attendees had to produce negative coronavirus tests, did not have to wear face coverings or social distance for the first time since before lockdown began.

The event was described as ‘very emotional’ by industry insiders. Club-goers were seen hugging and kissing each other, with some sitting on others’ shoulders for a better view of the stage.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast on Saturday, DJ Marea Stamper, aka The Blessed Madonna, said that there had been an ‘incredible energy’ at the event, branding it ‘incredibly emotional’. She added: ‘I think we felt excited but also proud to be a part of creating the protocols that would lead to the reopening of all kinds of things, from football matches to any kind of event, it doesn’t have to be a big rave.’

Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden hailed the event as a ‘huge moment on the journey back to normality’ but stressed that further loosening of restrictions will be led by the data. The pilot event in Liverpool could pave the way for more live summer music in the UK.

The line-up for Friday included Circus founder and DJ Yousef, Lewis Boardman and The Blessed Madonna. Fatboy Slim was among the acts performing on Saturday.

Sam Newson, the event producer, said the pilot was ‘vital’ after the events industry had been ‘decimated’ over the last year. He said: ‘For the last 12 months, it has been a disaster. ‘I stood on stage early on and I had a little bit of a teary eye, I’m not going to lie, it is very emotional.