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The campaign is a visual celebration of being lost in the music, taking inspiration from the city of Miami. Urbanista, the Swedish lifestyle audio brand, releases the campaign ‘Focus & Flow’ to celebrate the launch of their latest product: Urbanista Miami, an active noise cancelling, wireless headphone.

‘Focus & Flow’ is a celebration of how music and sounds can help you connect or disconnect with the world around you at any moment in time. Through dance, music and colour, the ‘Focus & Flow’ campaign shows how your headphones can help you focus and lose yourself in the moment through music and use the environment around you to find your flow.

Produced by Stockholm and Los Angeles-based Diktator, who have previously worked on music videos and commercial projects for brands and artists from Adidas and Nike to Major Lazer and Rihanna, the campaign features two talents: a female dancer who represents ‘Focus’ through abstract movement, set in ambient warm lighting. Contrasted by male talent representing ‘Flow’, set in cooler colours, who finds inspiration from his environment and surroundings.

The film is directed by Swedish director Gustav Stegfors, who has previously worked on music videos for internationally acclaimed local artists such as Icona Pop and Yung Lean. Stegfors also worked with Urbanista on their latest campaign ‘Sound & Silence’ featuring London-based rapper and artist Kojey Radical.

Stegfors comments: “The visual experience of being in the moment while listening to music was an important detail of the Focus & Flow campaign. The set was inspired by lighting installations and art pieces, alongside Miami as a city. Music and lighting are powerful tools for triggering emotion and through the expression of movement, we were able to tell the story of how we interact with the world around us. Everyone on set was emotionally captured and inspired by the project and we hope that everyone watching will be too.”

Miami, a city bursting with sights, sounds and urban culture, inspired Urbanista to create their latest product with features that live up to the brand’s tagline ‘Designed for Life in Motion’. Finding our moments of focus and flow is important in urban life and with Urbanista Miami, you can choose to make surrounding sounds disappear, to relax and focus on the music with ‘Active Noise Cancelling’ (Focus), or enhance your surroundings without interruption to your listening experience with ‘Ambient Sound Mode’ (Flow).

Tuomas Lonka, Brand & Marketing Director at Urbanista, comments: “Urbanista as a brand is heavily influenced by music, arts, fashion and urban culture. All of our products are inspired by the greatest cities around the world and the idea with this launch was to be bold and vibrant with colours, expression and energy, just like the city of Miami. The product colours are a beautiful and tasteful reflection of the city’s electric nightlife, culture and colours.”

To watch the full ‘Focus & Flow’ campaign click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Utg7DLXHvzc&ab_channel=Urbanista

Urbanista Miami is available now at www.urbanista.com/miami. Priced at £129 / SEK 1499 / EUR 149 / USD 149 MSRP boasts full compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows devices.