KoH T SS22

Inspired by trips taken by the designer, including the pottery acquired while traveling and the landscapes seen, this collection centers around compassion found in the everyday. Hand-dyed by Japanese craftsmen, SS22 utilizes natural dyeing methods to create a relaxed and eco-friendly luxurious style.

KoH T is a Japanese fashion brand with a creative team that embodies Japanese sensibilities. With an aim to create timeless wardrobe essentials, with an emphasis on the wearer’s personality, KoH T presents a collection that’s both progressive yet a revival of tradition. KoH T, helmed by Creative Director Taisuke Kohji and design partner Yumiko Ozawa, hopes to establish themselves as narrators of the storytelling behind the careful construction of garments.

“Human beauty reflects the way of life and the philosophy of a person.” They have taken a strong stance in social responsibility, partnering with the production lines to create a more conscious working environment – a message they hope will carry to the future to create a better life. KoH T believes that the real value of clothing is both in the process, concluded with a beautiful product, not only in automation but also in human intervention – inherited over time and refined by each generation thereforth.