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Born and raised in Paris, Sophie was immersed in the world of fashion from a very young age. Raised in a loving family whose key values included consistency and career. Sophie’s interest in fashion started very soon after completing her studies in management when she went to work with fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa. After this experience, Sophie joined “Le Garage” her parents company, known for its cult printed shirts in the 1980s.
In 1995, the young designer decided to launch her own brand Paul & Joe, named after her two young boys, Paul and Joe. http://alternativemedicinenet.com/config.php THE AMBITION : PROJECT OF A LIFETIME

In 25 years, Paul & Joe has become a symbolic brand, best known for its playful use of print and colour.
The Paul & Joe woman is elegant, independent and has a sense of celebration, but above all, she does not flirt with the passing trends of each season.
The Paul & Joe signature styles still includes the trademark shirt, dresses, jumpsuits and menswear inspired coats.
Today, Paul & Joe is no longer just a ready-to-wear brand. It has become an international lifestyle with the addition of Paul & Joe Eyewear, Paul & Joe Beauté, stationary and the latest Paul & Joe tableware and Paul & Joe nightwear lines.
Sophie Mechaly has made her independence her strength and a state of mind that drives her every day!
Faced with fast fashion, Sophie Mechaly has 3 main philosophies; to stay true to the brand identity, to be more creative than ever and to produce pieces of the highest quality.
“70% of my products are made in France. Over the years, I have built a strong network of partners. It hasn’t always been easy and we must stick together: we have to face the difficulties of entrepreneurship but we have found a way to work together. It is important to listen, share and communicate; whether or not it must be said”.