MFW | ANTEPRIMA SS22 | Fashion show

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Izumi’s Everlasting place is a balance collection which a new synergy between metropolitan and nature, which impels the bold sense of modernism and unconditional elegance.

Having ANTEPRIMA’s 30th year’s anniversary in the year 2023 ahead, SS22 ANTEPRIMA Collection has decided to reflect “Izumi Ogino” herself. What made who she is today and what is her next vision? ANTEPRIMA was only enhanced and build by Izumi’s personal story and aesthetic: born and raised in Tokyo, lived USA, ITALY, and Hong Kong, her actively traveling across the globe and for the creation of her numerous collections while her past experiences in jewelry design, flower arrangement, fashion styling and make-up which she had acquired during younger times, all contribute greatly as valuable inspirations to her creations.

What we define “Eden” is a place of pristine or abundant natural beauty. A collection which a new synergy between casual, business, and party dress that will deliver sheer and silky fabrics for day, and layering pieces for the transition into going out or business meeting. Use mood-boosting color as an accent and feminine cues and mix in elements of woven and knit to create a signature style of ANTEPRIMA for your own mix to celebrate the everyday.

Though she intakes all the new culture and experienced as new inspiration, Japan is at the root of Izumi’s creative sensibilities. The color sense of the four seasons, the aesthetic sense of architecture, the mentality and cultural balance of “Wa” (Harmony); therefore 2022SS collection’s one focus is the “Japan” not in the typical commercial perspective but from Izumi’s view merging together with her Italian influence and her love of Italian culture. The story draws the “Everlasting” cosmopolitan city; the Izumi’s ideal and wishes for the next generation as well.

Color Japanese Color Palettes – inspired by the colors live on Japan; four seasoned nature, in paintings, landscape, architecture, textiles, arts, and modern city life. SAKURA・Spring Sea/ Modern Lights・Pink Sky/ Bamboo Forest/ Garden Path・ Summer dew/ Graphics and Signs/

Anteprima is making better with less, for a more respectful and sustainable future. Growing awareness of resource value and scarcity; Reuse Pre-consumer material to make new products, use biodegradable material or new eco-material.

The brand is artisanal crafted sophisticated, timeless, and honed with a sustainable ethos – Artisanal Craft continues to evolve with a more rustic heart. Embrace the art of making clothes; the SS22 collection adds newness to deliver more polished silhouettes such as Openwork Paneling, Crochet, or Whip-stitching. These crafted details and feminine sensibility also bring an individualist feel amid an industry of mass.