Oblique Creations SS22 collection | Fashion Show| Milan Fashion Week

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A luminous image of a woman runs through the 2022 summer collection of Oblique Creations and defines new femininity in motion and is absolutely sun-drenched.

It is a refined artistic taste that transforms into a kaleidoscope of chromatic shades and inspirations with typically feminine sensations that arise from the fascination for the sun and its dynamic and pure image, not detached from that touch of sensual and eclectic dynamism that always makes the difference in the brand’s hand.

The result is a refined sun emotion that draws a woman aware and special in her normality, who chooses the fluid and unstructured silhouettes of the maison embellished with brightly colored prints that reflect the uniqueness of her independent lifestyle. It is precisely the attention to volumes and lines and the use of technical and naturally comfortable fabrics, reminiscent of the light and sinuous movement of nature, that makes her the favorite interpreter of acollection in which romanticism is lived with a sporty approach, faithful to the present time.

A precious material sense dominates, resulting from the choice of high-performance textures lit by a precise graphic sense that pivots on digital prints obtained by reinterpreting two motifs, namely the iconic one of the sun and a lighter one that recalls butterfly wings. The innovative traces bend to embroider lines of infinite combinations in which the aesthetic and luxuriant heritage of the brand that shines and makes shine is fully expressed.

Deconstructed shapes and volumes let themselves be enchanted, once again, by the essence of organic ribbed cotton, preferred to create a kaleidoscope of t-shirts embellished with embroidery and rubber and screen-printing processes.

A versatile and sophisticated couture, suitable for any kinds of body and a real riot of color able to highlight the identity of Oblique Creations’ Woman by modeling dresses, jackets and pants whose original signature is enhanced by expert tailoring constructions.

The attention to sustainability has always been a priority for Oblique Creations, as the perfect combination between ethics and aesthetics. The choice of a vegan texture (viridis, a corn fiber born from renewable resources) aims to create a line of accessories – bags but also tags and key chains – which preserve the essence of the leather for a total animal free style