Montenegro: Destination You Must Visit for a Touch of Luxury and Glam

The country of Montenegro might be young, but it has a long history and it’s full of natural, historical and artistic riches. In its short time of being independent, Montenegro has managed to become a coveted luxury destination in South Europe. 

In 2013, NY Times has already predicted Montenegro to become the next must-see destination in Europe for many reasons, its naturalistic charm might be the biggest of them all. Its inland is beautiful, wild and rugged, hosting 4 national parks with mind-blowing panoramas, clear mountain lakes, deep canyons and many monasteries perching among the rocks. On the other hand, we have 300 kilometers of crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches and coves. Thanks to its strategic position, this gem of Europe is gaining a lot of interest from tourists, especially those willing to invest in luxury experiences. Why you should visit Montenegro? Find out below. 

Destinations to visit

If you’re looking for exquisite, look no further than the Bay of Kotor. This bay in the Adriatic is one of the oldest settled areas in Europe, but a very neglected destination for travelers. Luckily, people are slowly realizing what kind of gem hides in Montenegro, so they are investing and visiting more and more every year. Why choose the Bay of Kotor? Well, most ravishing towns and beaches are found in this part of the country with Tivat and Kotor leading the way. 

Porto Montenegro in the Bay of Kotor should definitely be on your list because it’s the most exclusive destination you can visit and enjoy. Located in the heart of the Bay of Kotor AKA Boka, it’s a perfect choice for all who crave exclusivity and luxury. If you’re looking to buy real estate in Montenegro, definitely check out Tivat properties for sale and get something in Porto Montenegro that will not only provide you with all the luxury you want but also prove to be an amazing investment decision. 

What to do in Montenegro

No matter where you go, you won’t be bored in Montenegro. The country is speckled with beaches perfect for water sports, but it also has more than 3,000 kilometers of hiking trails. If you decide to visit in winter, ski resorts are emerging all over the country. It’s also possible to hire a kayak and go on a kayaking adventure on Lake Skadar—the largest body of water in the Balkan peninsula. Shopping is also excellent in Montenegro, with many luxury shops and stores that sell hand-crafted unique goods. 

Hire a yacht

Those looking for luxury activities should consider hiring a yacht. The best thing is that Montenegro has many agencies that are renting for very reasonable prices. Montenegrin people are proud of their marine past and stay that all of the country’s history was written at sea, so there’s no better way to experience the area and truly enjoy the beauties of the country than heading out to sea. With a private boat, you can explore all of the country’s hidden beaches and coves, so dust of your captain’s hat and get ready to hop on board. 

Enjoy the cuisine

Another reason to visit Montenegro in search of luxury experiences is its amazing cuisine. Montenegro mixes hearty meat meals and fresh and light coastal cooking so you can enjoy everything from smoked prosciutto from Njegusi to aromatic prawn dishes like buzara. No matter what you have and which kind of restaurant you choose to visit, make sure to try some local wines that pair well with everything. No matter if you have a tight or very loose budget, don’t skip street food in Montenegro—look for cevabzinicas, fast food shops that sell grilled meat and fill up on cevapi, little meat logs made with beef and pork. 

Montenegro is suitable for all budgets and tastes, but if you’re looking for luxury experiences, this little Adriatic gem won’t fail you. From the Bay of Kotor to all the little hidden coves, you will spend your Montenegro adventure with sunshine on your skin, wine in your hand and beauty in your eye.