Things To Know If You Want to Explore And Live In Jordan

Jordan is a beautiful country full of breathtaking history and gorgeous architecture. If you consider yourself a bit of wanderlust then Jordan should definitely be on your to-visit list. There are a lot of things to explore, and who knows, maybe you’ll also decide to stay there for a bit longer, if everything goes according to the plan. However, living in Jordan (or any Middle Eastern country) has its unique challenges, which is why it’s important to explore the country before you decide to settle there. So here are some tips that will help you explore, and then possibly live n Jordan later on.

Start with the architecture 

If there’s one thing Jordan’s famous for it’s the beautiful Petra, a historical and archeological site in the south of the country. Its second name is Rose City, because of its unique stone color. Dating from around 312BCE, it’s been UNESCO-protected and described as one of the most precious cultural heritages. The main entrance to the site is stunning, however, if you’re looking to avoid big crowds, it’s possible to use the back entrance as well. Aside from Petra, there are other, well-preserved archaeological sites dating back from Roman Empire. 

The Roman Theatre, the Citadel, and Gerasa are definitely worth visiting if you happen to be in the country. 

Get informed about day-to-day topics

Even though Jordan is located in the geopolitically red zone, it’s still protected from the majority of troubles that plague the region. However, it’s your job to get informed prior to departing. Staying in different countries requires you to be prepared and alert, especially if it’s your first time visiting. On the other hand, Jordan is much safer compared to other countries in the region, which means you’ll be more likely to have a great time. Aside from that, technology development is on a satisfying level, but if you’re looking to be independent of Wi-Fi availability, it’s best to opt for a Jordan ADSL package and relax knowing that the fast and reliable internet connection is always there for you. Also, before you go, learn about grocery, rent, and utility prices, so you’ll be able to organize your finances better.

Jordan is diverse and full of surprises

Those who enjoy diverse places will be pleasantly surprised by Jordan. This country has diverse landscapes, and people from different origins and cultures. From Bedouins in the desert to Afro-Jordanians in the Jordan River Valley, simply, if you appreciate different cultures and backgrounds, you will enjoy traveling to Jordan and meeting different people. Aside from the population, Jordan is also a place that celebrates the co-existing of different religions, despite being a majority-Muslim country.  There are long-established Christian communities, and therefore, it’s pretty common to see mosques and churches side by side. 

There should be no visa trouble

The majority of countries require you to apply for a visa prior to visiting. Meaning, you’d be required to go to the embassy and do all the paperwork there. When it comes to Jordan, things are less complicated, because Jordan issues tourist visas upon arrival to travelers from more than 130 countries. This is great news if you’re a spontaneous traveler who likes changing locations often. But, if you want a more long-term stay, then it’s important to get informed, so you’ll be able to gather all the relevant documentation that will grant you a more permanent form of visa. 

Amman is a must-see place

When you’re visiting a new country, usually the capital city is the first thing to visit. In the case of Jordan, that’s definitely true, since this place is a true hub of Middle Eastern culture, arts, and history. It’s also the resort of many people who seek refuge from war in the Middle East. This gives it a special charm, plus Amman is also an amazing place if you’re looking to experience more art from the region. Aside from Jordanian artists, Amman is also known to showcase works from Palestinian, Syrian, and Iraqi artists. 


Jordan is an incredible place that deserves your attention. If you’re a fan of ancient civilizations, Middle-Eastern culture and history, and amazing food, you’ll certainly enjoy spending time there. This unique country is also home to many ethnic groups, languages, and religions. It’s a great place to learn about the world and become more acquainted with the Middle-eastern region.