Anson Lee and his subversive men’s tailoring label

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While continuing to weather through the worst of New York City’s COVID outbreak, Anson Lee, an emerging designer, was set to debut his subversive men’s tailoring label. The designer’s goal for this collection is to advocate for fashion to slow down, partially as a response to the pandemic.

In March, just before the pandemic hit globally, cracks in the fashion system were beginning to show. With fashion shows canceled and factories experiencing closure, the industry has found itself in an enforced hiatus, and questions regarding sustainability and visibility of labor began to arise. Can fashion continue to operate the same way with no consequences? Were labor workers valued as much as they should be before the pandemic? Is there a difference between making and manufacturing? These are topics that Lee questioned and aimed to address.

Lee’s latest endeavor now sees him fostering a refreshed outlook on the current rapid fashion system — a revival of bespoke tailoring in order to urge fashion to slow down. Slow fashion encompasses awareness and an approach to fashion that prioritizes processes and resources required to make clothing. It advocates for buying better-quality garments that will last longer. Lee works with clients individually and each garment is carefully handcrafted to ensure longevity. As an emerging designer, Lee is making great efforts in hopes of introducing a new chapter to the existing fashion system.

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