Future talents: soft modernism with Jamie Kim

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New York-based label JAMIE KIM began in 2020 created by Jieun Kim, who is from Korea. Kim’s collection has been characterized as tactical, practical, and classic derived from soft modernism. Drawing inspiration from the moment in everyday life in the city with mixed cultural backgrounds, her look is both timeless and fresh, with a conceptual approach that keeps them independent of trends. Unexpected styles and textures breathe life into casual wardrobe essentials like shirts and coats, quietly subverting their classic shapes and clean tailoring. The line’s workwear roots especially shine through in jumpsuits and shirt jackets that stand out while keeping it low-key.

Future talents: soft modernism with Jamie Kim

Tell us about yourself as creative, including what art means for you as a designer. 

I think it is the creative who looks at life with an open mind and looks at places that others don’t see. 

I also constantly try to find other aspects and think anew, so as not to be stuck in what I think. Rather than creating new things unconditionally, I think there is a standard of different perspectives from others and it should interact with people who are the future customers. Because I’m a designer, not just an artist.

Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry? 

My collection has a soft masculine and tactical style. I think the combination of designs, intricacies, and high-quality fabrics I make is appealing. So, this point can be leaded people to want to try them on and put them into their wardrobe.

I want my design to be a part of their daily life. I can see that there are people who pursue my brand’s style, and I know that they are still looking for new brands with the same design mood. I’m trying to create a differentiation from the existing brands with the same design esthetics.

What kind of person wears your creations? 

I imagine a quiet city boy who has definite tastes in every aspect of his life, like dressing up effortlessly, enjoying a cup of coffee at the park during lunchtime, and going to art galleries or buying small objects for his interior on weekends. 

As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Everyday life inspires me. There are several scenarios in which we are placed throughout our lives. I usually design by visualizing someone in a specific situation. My goal is for my design to become a part of daily life.

What are your thoughts about design industry regarding slow-fashion and long-lasting pieces? 

I would like to say that sustainability, which continues to emerge in the fashion industry, is essential in our current society. With the clothes produced by many fast fashion industries and consumed by people who are increasingly sensitive to trends, many clothes are popping up in our closets right now, and eventually making the Earth sick. I think that we are trying to recycle and upcycle at the production stage, and consumers try to have the purchasing power to choose clothes that they can keep in their closets for a long time can make all sustainability.

How important is technology for y fashion industry and do you think the future of fashion will look like? 

I would say the technology of the current fashion industry is being developed for sustainability, and the other is to implement the design in a new way. It is sensational to create new fabrics or materials through recycling of waste in the sea and discarded clothes, it leads to influence people to get to know what sustainable to be. In addition, new technologies make it possible for designers to show people their creative ideas through them effectively so that people can see what is novel and creative.

Who are your favorite creatives you would like to collaborate with? 

I would say that is Tom Sachs.  He is an American sculptor who is well-known for his detailed recreations of so many modern icons. I occasionally spot him when walking down the street during my lunch break at work. He looked to have his own fashion sense, identical to his artwork. He dresses in a way that is really natural and effortless, but it has its own vibe to it. One day, I’d like to outfit him in anything from my collection.

What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into the fashion design business? 

I would say that if you can make a structured business plan from design sketches, and production, to sales, you are ready to go. 

To start a fashion business, only a passion for design can be risky, so I think we should make sure to be aware of and prepare for the other business strategy.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special? 

I have a denim corduroy set up with long sleeve polo shirt and shorts. When I first came across the denim corduroy fabric, it was a very deep indigo blue, and I tested washing experiments for this look.

Through several fabric washing tests, I decided on the brightness and exposure I wanted, and I conducted a test on whether to do fabric washing or Garment washing. I love this setup style because it was a look with a small wit in a classic style with garment washing, and it is one of the pieces that people also like.