The Latest Office Design Trends for Optimal Work

The way people work has undergone a few major changes ever since the outbreak of the global pandemic. From working completely remotely from home to coming back to offices, the workplace interior design trends have introduced considerable changes. Companies are now looking at new approaches to improving how people work. The primary goal is to make workplaces much safer while prioritizing productivity and improving the overall work culture. Offices no longer consists of boring cubicles, but rather promote a much more open and casual setting. New business challenges also play a major role, as they require offices to be more flexible and sustainable as well. In order to deliver the ultimate improvement to your office, it is important to learn about these new trends. Here is everything you need to know about the latest changes in office design. 

A hybrid approach

One of the leading trends in modern companies has been the need to adapt to some of the latest challenges like remote working. Staying adaptive and flexible while maintaining productivity is one of the most useful traits that modern workplaces can have. There are several major options that companies offer with this new style of working in mind. Working from home is still a trending option, however there are still a lot of employees who prefer to work shoulder-to-shoulder with their coworkers in an office. Many admit that working from home brings enjoyment and comfort. This is where companies have decided to make an astounding compromise and transform their offices to feel more home-like. Some of the latest additions include: modern artwork, comfy sofas and lounge chairs. Adding warmer lights and wooden flooring also massively contributes to making the place feel more like home. Professional office fitouts completely shift the atmosphere in a workplace allowing people to feel more welcome and inspired while doing their best work. Implementing shared desks is also a big innovation. These desks are usually centrally placed and available to anyone who gets to them first. This makes the desk less cluttered with personal belongings, leaving more room for productivity. Many of these desks are fully adjustable too and they can be turned into standing work stations. Standing has been shown to boost alertness and focus while working which is also an excellent way to improve posture and relieve back pain. 

Privacy reimagined

No one likes to work in a cubicle. However, no one can deny that some tasks require privacy either. That is why modern offices come equipped with privacy booths and pods. Although small and compact, these secluded mini-offices provide peace and quiet. These tiny spaces are designed in order to have enough space inside. There is plenty of natural light coming in. The pod also features all the necessary technical elements as well, such as: full Wi-Fi connectivity, charging outlets etc. An alternative to this comes in the form of modular and moveable furniture. Wheeled desks, seats and walls can all be configured depending on different scenarios such as team work, meeting or perhaps isolated work.  

More sustainable work

Nature is no longer something only found on computer wallpapers and office pictures. Companies are now using living walls, water fountains and other natural elements within their offices to vivify the environment and make the workplace feel more organic. These plants do not only serve as ornaments but they have an active function as well. Workers can take breaks and water the plants in order to relieve some stress. Not only that, but employees can expect a much cleaner environment where noise is reduced and productivity and joy are maintained. This concept is part of a much bigger picture. Green buildings are here to stay and they involve a generally more sustainable approach to construction from the ground up. Each part of the process is optimized for sustainability including the choice of building materials as well. 

More natural light

Unfortunately, offices usually do not have enough natural light. However, good lighting is crucially important for productivity as it can make people much more alert and focused. That is why companies are leveraging color psychology to make the ideal combination of lighter wall colors and warmer lights used in their interior design.   

A place to connect

An office is not just a place where people work for eight hours straight. A lot of the productivity can be achieved through sharing ideas and forming new connections. That is why lounge areas are becoming crucially important as they bring employees closer together. They can now work in a much more casual and intuitive way. 

Modern offices revolve around new improved values. They are reflected in the new design trends: taking a hybrid approach, on-demand privacy, sustainable efforts, improved colors and lights as well as more room for socializing.