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Vedrana Mastela is an independent fashion designer from Croatia. She earned her MA in Fashion Design from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology.

During her studies she was actively involved in the world of fashion, participating in numerous projects, competitions and exhibitions in Croatia and worldwide; INFLUENCE Mediterranean fashion festival 2009 in Slovenia, Triumph Inspiration Award Croatia 2011, Habitus Baltija 2011, competition of young fashion designers in Riga, Latvia, 2012 iD International Emerging Fashion Awards in Dunedin, New Zealand; The Exhibition of Croatian Design 1112. Vedrana has also showcased her work at events like Design Day in Zagreb and Month of Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

As a finalist of Fashion Incubator 2013 she showed her collections at the 23rd Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter fashion show and was also invited to present at the Cro A Porter AVANTGARDE 2014 fashion show in Zagreb. She has continued to showcase her work at the following 25th and 26th Schwarzkopf Cro A Porter. In 2016 she showed her collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Central Europe as Gombold újra! finalist and she was 2017 OPENMYMED Prize finalist.

Her work has received plentiful positive reviews, primarily for exploring different ideas with conceptual thinking, as well as for bringing an innovative approach in the study of textile materials and fashion silhouettes. She is focused on her growth as a designer, as well as the growth of her brand, but retaining local focus by embracing ideas of fashion that are sustainable and support local communities and artisan craftsmanship.


Tell us about yourself as creative, including what art means for you as a designer.

My approach to my design work is artistic. I’m focused more on ideas than seasons and trends. Till now through my work I questioned the notions of creation and destruction, gender roles, bodies, emotions and sustainability… Fashion is visual and narrative, it allows me to express myself. I like to question and explore ideas and themes, to put them in a different context and relations. I’m just expressing my visions, stories and view on things through various mediums.

I would love to leave a good legacy, something memorable and impactful. That is more important to me than having a huge brand.

Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?

I make small project like collections with a focus on eco -friendly fabrics or deadstock, damaged and vintage fabrics, with use of eco-friendly print as well as practices like upcycling, reusing and repurposing fabric from the studio…. Hand embellishment, personalization, hand perforations, DIY aesthetics and denim are part of my design.

I am known for my perforated pieces, but beyond that I feel I created my own signature style.

What kind of person wears your creations?

Many different people actually – and I like this idea that all these different people found something they love in my creations.

As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

From art, nature, music …my inner world and life.

What are your thoughts about the design industry regarding slow-fashion and long-lasting pieces?

That’s what I’m into… taking time for making things and making them good. Sometimes people think about long-lasting pieces as maybe boring, but timeless doesn’t have to be just black pants and white shirt. When you create with authenticity and quality, and you’re not just chasing trends, then those pieces will most likely stand the test of time.

How important is technology for the fashion industry and do you think the future of fashion will look like?

While many talk about digital fashion or new textile technologies, it’s important to remember how majorities of clothes are made and in what conditions – usually it’s not a very advanced setting.

I hope we’ll see more innovation in production, and textiles (the way things are done) that will make the garment industry more sustainable and a better place for its workers.

Who are your favorite creatives you would like to collaborate with?

I love creative collaborations. And there are so many amazing creative people out there… If any are reading this, like my work, they should contact me.

What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into the fashion design business?

Just keep learning, ask for advice, be patient and don’t be afraid of failure.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?

I’m not sure I have one, it’s usually the last one I make.

The black perforated dress from my Destroyed Creation collection holds a special place because it took me so much time to make it and it usually amazes people.

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