Top 10 interior design influencers to follow in 2023

A new study revealed that Instagram influencer @livingwithlady is the interior design influencer with the highest engagement rate in 2022.

The research, conducted by Pacific Palisades realtors analysed Instagram data for 97 interior design influencers and ranked them according to their engagement rate, to find out who makes the best content on the platform.

According to the findings the top 10 most influential interior designers on Instagram are:

Blogger and influencer Living with Lady is the Instagram interior designer influencer with the highest engagement rate (7.84%). With just 286.2k followers, 28,664 likes and 521 comments, Shannon’s content is fun and diverse, ranging from delicious healthy recipes to home transformation tutorials.

With 775.4k followers, 48,691 and 1,605 comments, Remington Avenue on Instagram is the second interior design influencer page with the highest engagement rate (6.42%). Remington Avenue is the ideal account to follow for DIY home projects and people who are looking to re-design their home on a budget.

Registering an engagement rate of 4.72%, blogger and Instagram influencer Driven by Décor is the third interior design account driving the highest engagement. Registering 294.9k followers, 14,096 likes and 154 comments, this is the perfect account to follow for room décor inspiration and hacks to make your life and chores simpler.

With an engagement rate of 4.2% this British-Canadian Amy e Peters has the fourth best interior design content to follow for home inspiration. With a modest following of 142.2K users, 5,792 likes and 704, the account offers infinite ideas and a particular eye on details. This is the perfect account to follow for detailed-oriented homeowners and interiors enthusiasts.

DIY Influencer Angela Rose is fifth on the list. Her account registers an engagement rate of 4.06% and the highest total following of the list (1.5M). With a total of 55,986 likes and 6,824 comments, in her profile Angela shows original DIY hacks and tricks to renovate your home. Follow her for amazing inspiration!

A spokesperson for Pacific Palisades realtors comments:

“With the new year just around the corner, and Christmas approaching, many of us are looking to redecorate our homes. There is no better feeling than making the home of your dreams real. Social media offers a range of DIY hacks and inspiration that suits any budget and style.

Nowadays, it is easy to find the perfect idea that suits your home space.”