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Words by Victoria Bruno
“Now: As a Consequence of Fact” By Jill Viney
At the Pen + Brush Gallery at 29 East 22nd Street, New York
Photos Courtesy of Jill Viney

Have you heard about Jill Viney, the multimedia artist whose career masterfully spans decades, subject matters, and mediums? Jill’s artistic odyssey begins with the strokes of a painter’s brush, where her canvas was a realm of nature’s raw beauty and the ceaseless growth that graces our planet. Hailing from the coastal enclave of Carmel, California, Jill’s art has always carried the deep imprints of the ocean and an enduring fascination with the wonders of the natural world. It was during the 1980s, when she embarked on scuba diving adventures, that her artistic perspective took an enchanting turn. Deep beneath the waves, the bioluminescent language of the deep-sea creatures left an indelible mark on her. She sought to break free from the confines of the two-dimensional canvas and embarked on a new artistic expedition. Sculptures emerged, creatures of the deep brought to life in a way that beckoned viewers to peer inside, where the ethereal glow of carefully placed lights added an otherworldly dimension to her work.


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One of the most captivating facets of Jill’s work is her ability to transcend mere brush strokes on canvas and delve deep into the abstract tapestry of landscapes. Her connection with the awe-inspiring vistas of the Four Corners region is palpable in her artwork. With an unshakable appreciation for the majestic landforms, Jill seeks to capture the essence of growth, mirroring the organic evolution of life in these boundless fields. Her paintings invite viewers on a captivating journey, where organisms flourish amidst a unique environment, where life takes root and unfurls in a harmonious dance with the Earth’s breathtaking beauty.

Intriguingly, Jill Viney’s artistic exploration extends to the realms of human relationships. Her “Environments,” characterized by intricate balsa wood box installations, delve into the complexities that define the connections between individuals. In her piece “Studio Visit,” she astutely observes the social dynamics at art openings, where individuals often cluster in groups, engaging in surface-level interactions and assessing their social connections. The notion that the artwork reflects the spectators themselves echoes powerfully throughout her work. Moreover, Jill’s art delves into the multifaceted challenges faced by women, addressing the intricate juggling act of motherhood, domestic responsibilities, and the nuanced undertones of sexuality, symbolized notably by a toaster. She also delves into the universal tension between familial bonds and personal freedom, reminding us that, at any age, individuals grapple with the shifting importance of close relationships, sometimes leading to the formation of new “chosen families” beyond traditional structures.



Jill’s artistic brilliance goes beyond the canvas and balsa wood boxes. She’s renowned for her groundbreaking approach in blending art with the mesmerizing world of marine life. Her sculptures serve as a unique window into her creative process, as she embraces light as both a language and a conduit to the essence of nature’s underwater realms. Each piece, masterfully crafted from a fusion of plastic, fiberglass, and plexiglass, capture the translucent beauty of sea creatures, mirrors the transparency of life in the depths of the Pacific seafloor. Her scuba diving experiences are vividly translated into her work, where the play of light in these intricate aquatic ecosystems takes center stage.

Later in life, Jill’s voyage took her to explore the rich tapestry of folklore from around the world. Her production methods underwent a transformation, reflecting her ever-evolving creative spirit. The result was a seamless blend of her artistic prowess with cultural narratives, encapsulated within each sculpture that she meticulously crafted. This journey of artistic transformation is a reflection of Jill’s unrelenting fascination with life, the dynamics of human interaction, the essence of growth, and the connections that bind us across the decades and mediums of her illustrious career. Inspired by a recent voyage to India, where she was immersed in compelling folk art, she’s now weaving these impressions into her creative vision. Rich imagery of a woman riding a tiger near an iconic tree symbolizing enlightenment has seized her artistic exploration. Additionally, she’s drawing inspiration from Alaska’s totem poles, where a captivating narrative of an octopus threat is adding a unique touch to her evolving body of work. This creative evolution is a bold departure, marked by a fresh artistic direction infused with cultural inspirations that promise to captivate and inspire.

Jill Viney is ushering in a new era with a significant shift in style and materials. Departing from the labor-intensive fiberglass molds of the past, Jill is exploring more efficient methods by crafting figures from foam building material, making them easily cut and sanded. These figures, composed of one- or two-inch foam boards that can be cut with a saw or a knife, will be stacked and used as molds for fiberglass cases. This marks a significant departure from their previous rounded and sculpted works, favoring a flatter appearance that promises to be as innovative as it is visually striking.

Jill Viney’s gallery showing is an event for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Her career, with its multi-decade trajectory, diverse array of mediums, and ever-evolving themes, is a testament to the limitless boundaries of artistic creativity. Her work seamlessly weaves together the grandeur of nature’s growth, the profundity of human connections, and the enchantment of the deep sea. It’s an opportunity to witness an artist’s transformation and the intricate tapestry of her creative journey. Join us at her gallery showing, located at the Pen + Brush Gallery at 29 East 22nd Street, New York where her art transcends boundaries and beckons you to explore the evolving magic of her creative spirit. It’s a chance to experience the ceaseless evolution of artistry through the eyes of a master. This showing will be available until December 9th

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