El Barrio: Creative Love at First Sight: A Collaboration of Emerging Latin American Creatives

Words by Juan Delgado of Delgado New York

When the idea was pitched to fashion photographer and editor Victoria Bruno, a collaboration of emerging Latin American creatives, it was a no-brainer. The team consisted of Lina Enriquez, a Colombian contemporary designer of luxury accessories that empower and transport those who wear them; Juan Delgado, a Dominican designer who uses his designs as a vessel to evoke emotions and pays homage to his culture; Julia N. Nehhas, a bold multimedia artist and creative Latina native to Queens, capturing everything on film from alluring and unique perspectives and Veronica Chalas, an up-and-coming Dominican fashion model, was the vibrant protagonist who brought the story to life with her captivating natural beauty and lively personality

Yet, the true intrigue came with the development of a character who struck a chord with the entire team. They embarked on a fashion story that followed and narrated the day-to-day life of a Latin American woman in the 90s, during the Latin American and Caribbean immigration boom in Queens. This woman provided a glimpse into her raw and captivating world—a world where she relentlessly pursued the American dream while staying deeply connected to her roots and traditions. The story evokes a sense of nostalgia, blending it with a blissful optimism for the future.

Scene 1: Modern Business Woman

The morning commute is a wow moment for our protagonist, a modern businesswoman who seizes every opportunity to reach her goals. She’s a powerful trailblazer, making the most of her everyday experiences.

Pants/Blouse: Delgado New York

Handbag: Lina Enriquez

Scene 2: La Bodega/Salon

Nothing is more iconic than the neighborhood bodega and salon. These places are the heartbeat of any community, capturing authentic and raw moments that define the essence of the neighborhood.

Dress: Delgado New York

Handbag: Lina Enriquez

Scene 3: Fruta Tropical

During the weekend, our protagonist comes alive, giving us a glimpse into her vibrant neighborhood through a commute to the local fruit market. The market is filled with captivating colors, enticing smells, and the rhythmic sounds of music that transport her to a world of joy and vibrancy.

Dress: Delgado New York

Handbag: Lina Enriquez

Scene 4: Religious Climax

 El Domingo, we dive into our protagonist’s deep connection to spirituality. We witness her devotion to her santos and her unwavering faith in the church. This scene is captivating, taking us on a journey from bewitching rituals to moments of repentance. The air is filled with the aromatic smoke of frankincense and myrrh, creating an atmosphere that is both sacred and enchanting.

Dress: Delgado New York

Handbag: Lina Enriquez

 Photography Team: Victoria Bruno with Julia N. Nehhas

Model : Victoria Chalas

Brands : Delgado New York / Lina Enriquez

Location list

Scene 1: El Concinerito

86-23 Roosevelt Ave

Jackson Heights, NY  11372

Scene 2: Mexican Deli

87-17 Roosevelt Ave, NY 11372

Jackson Heights, NY  11372

Scene 2: Image hair styling

87-15 Roosevelt Ave

Jackson Heights, NY  11372

Jackson Heights Ny 11372

Scene 3: Roosevelt Avenue

Jackson Heights Ny 11372

Scene 4: Native American store

Jackson heights NY 11372

Scene 4: Our lady of sorrow

104-11 37th Ave

Corona, NY