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Iconic fashion trends influenced by Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is a power-dressing pioneer with a distinct sense of personal flair. She understands what she likes and what looks good on her, and she uses her clothing to convey a…


Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser At The V&A

All good things, supposedly come to those who wait. For the last year, it seems as though ALL we have done is wait as every delight and wonder has been postponed or…

Now Is The Time To Get Active With Alo Yoga

Getting back into the groove of things not only from the holidays but from effects from Covid can be difficult, but now is the time to get your mind clear, and doing…
Fashion Plagiarism

Fashion Plagiarism

This article originally featured in our Autumn 2020 print issue but we wanted to bring forth the epidemic of plagiarism, not just in writing sense but in the fashion industry. There are…

How Will We Find The Answer?

Unlike many of the magazines and websites that we are proud to call our peers and inspirations, we at VPRComm are in the position (positively or negatively… the jury is still out)