That evolution of self-care is what kept things going at VIOLET GREY, too. The desire to help everyone navigate, organize, build, maintain, and upgrade their beauty routines and cosmetic wardrobes has always been their mission. Well that, and making the process fun and easy!

And so, in that spirit, they have introduced the new VIOLET GREY Starter Kits just in time for the New Year. Think of them as self-care made simple. Available in high and low maintenance versions, they’re designed to deliver the ultimate collection of Violet Code Approved products necessary for a top-tier beauty experience at home. Each includes a mix of best-sellers, staff favorites, and self-care game-changers that help one feel (and look) better. They are not cheap in any sense of the word. They’re an investment. They are an experience (in the comfort of your own bathroom). And we’ll take as much of that as we can get.

VIOLET GREY Low Maintenance Starter Kit

The ultimate violet code approved collection of cult-favorite products for face and bod… [More]

Price: $1625.00