Cynthia Rowley’s Curated Cozies

This Cynthia Rowley gift guide takes the stress out of holiday shopping. This year has been difficult, to say the least, but Rowley can provide your loved ones with some extra comfort. Here are our coziest cold-weather products that are hot right now.
Getting out of bed can be hard, but the Cindy Puffer is like taking the comforter with you. Some may say that puffers are this year’s trend, but these jackets never go out of style. Let our signature silhouette set you apart while you dine out this winter. The Cynthia Rowley puffer is available in pink, black, and white, but the neon yellow is a definite mood booster. Styling tip: keep it cozy by mixing the puffer with pretty pajamas for your daily walk.
Get dressed without sacrificing comfort by trading in the joggers for the Cynthia Rowley sweatshirt dress. Perfect for staying in and zooming your loved ones, running an errand or meeting a friend.  The tiered dresses are fleece lined to make you feel good.
The Cynthia Rowley Snuggie basically speaks for itself. If you missed the 2008 infomercials, a “Snuggie” is essentially a cross between a sweater and a blanket. The sleeved blanket has always been associated with functionality and coziness, but thanks to the New York City designer, for the first time it is fashionable as well. Made out of cashmere and merino, it’s basically like wearing a hug.
These Cynthia Rowley gifts prove the designer has mastered the art of staying at home or stepping out in style. All styles available at