Artist to discover: Mary Ronayne HOFA Gallery


HOFA Gallery is excited to introduce the incredible Mary Ronayne. The Irish artist combines imagery from literary sources, art, and advertising, accruing references from variant eras and historical times, dissecting and combining divergent histories and narratives. Her protagonists are caricatures, often captured merry and carefree, their bodies rippling with a unique energy.

However, although these scenes are dreamy and playful at first glance, a closer inspection reveals a layer of allegory and subtle message within the glowing gooey paint.

Manhattan Supper Club circa 1958, 2020

The artist is known for choosing enamel and household paint instead of the more conventional painting mediums. The demanding wet on wet technique offers a fluid but robust quality resulting in immensely animated and dream-like scenes.

Venus at Her Bath, 2020

‘Humour is a great way to easily transfer more complex ideas, for example, satirical, political cartoons are immediately understood. Like this, my work is at first, humorous and blithe but the viewer needs to look closer to see the subtext.’