Markarian Autumn/Winter 2021

For AW21, Markarian looked to Ovid’s Metamorphoses for inspiration. The designer has always loved ancient Roman art, architecture, and literature. Metamorphoses seem particularly relevant with the changes we are seeing across the globe. Ovid paints vivid pictures of transformation triggered by challenges, strife, and turmoil often suggesting that art and creation allow one to transcend suffering.

Markarian found solace in creating this collection. Multidimensional fabrics and contrasting colors form pieces with draped silhouettes, structured column-like details, and relaxed fits. Heavy gold jewelry and jeweled hairpieces round out the collection evoking a romanticized view of Roman myth and architecture. The way people are living their lives and how they dress for it has changed. She wanted these pieces to be able to fit into our new lifestyles and to be worn in a way that felt right for each individual, in addition, pieces were mixed along with these more practical elements with some pieces that are pure fun and fantasy.