2021 Couture | Francesco Scognamiglio presents MONOGRAM FROM THE SEA | PH

Is a new label that will impress the world of High Fashion with elegance and unique inspirations. Francesco Scognamiglio’s new label is inspired by his origins, Pompéi and Capri. “Monogram from sea”, holds its soul in the crystal clear waters that surround the island of Capri. The inspiration resides in the female figure of the island, a genuine love for the female body and its essential elegance, confirming the designers among the world of High Fashion icons.

Francesco Scognamiglio sets new visions creating with his new label “Monogram from sea” a new stylistic identity. The new codes set a new era for essential embroideries of crystals and macro sequins on impalpable long tulle white dresses that caress the silhouette with a lightness of touch the designer carries in his core values from the very start.

The masterpiece of the collection is an embroidered oversize Aqua green coat representing the modern nymph. The most authentic piece is a restyled vintage corset from Neapolitan tailors used in the ’50s and also by French fashion designers in the early part of the century, which are suited to sculpt modern figures.

Tailor-made over-size jackets with a lizard effect toned down with joggers for a modern woman with a sensitive heart, fill the soul and DNA of the collection.

It’s a creative crush in between different fabrics like jersey and neoprene creating volumes for the short and long gowns. Inspired by old fashion Pompéi is a one-shoulder gown in crêpe de chine adorned with an impressive jabot.

The color palette for the collection pays homage to the infinite beauty of the water. It’s a triumph of aqua green like the maxi-coat inspired by the shape of the Nautilus Carapace, coral red, mother-of-pearl, delicate pink, without forgetting white and black, fetish colors at the core of the collection.


Francesco Scognamiglio’s inaugurates a new chapter of his creative history debuting with the Monogram from Sea project.

Not just fashion but a contemporary and iconic vision that becomes a lifestyle and searches for new expressive and artistic ways for a profound change that, from the history of the designer, opens up to new declinations.

An emotional and intense window on the world, which transforms visual stimuli into reality and transports the designer’s vision to different heights, exploring all the creative richness of heritage in constant movement.

The digital soul of “Monogram from Sea “ allows maximum freedom of expression and identified in the very essence of the project which, like an embroidery, is destined to bend to infinite expressions, from the personalization of the home interior to fragrances.

All conceived in an international and highly exclusive dimension, “Monogram from Sea” is also pure couture, identified in two labels, one prêt-à-porter, and one haute couture. The pink label, dedicated to prêt-à-porter, will accompany the creations of a contemporary wardrobe, defined by a few absolutely genderless pieces, inspired, even in their sustainable textures, by that desire for current ethics that men and women feel the need.

The white-label, on the other hand, will characterize haute couture, which will debut in July 2021 in Milan. In the middle, there will be space for a more markedly artistic vision, which belongs to the designer’s background, which will see the creation of ad hoc pieces in collaboration with famous artists, the perfect corollary of a complete and all-encompassing vision.

With “Monogram from Sea” the new chapter of an all-Italian creative story debuts in which maximum freedom is left to the image, destined to be stronger, more incisive, marked by the exploration of a risky and ostentatious eroticism to be shown as a declaration of intent and with a character that celebrates its sartorial origins and projects them directly into the future.