Home Design Trends & Ideas

This year will be so much fun when it comes to interior design. As things go back to normal with the pandemic, people are trying to sort out their lives, reclaim places occupied by the pandemic behaviors and practice relaxation and de-stressing. If you’re planning a small remodel this year, or just want to stay up to date with what’s new in the world of design, here are just some of the most prominent home design trends to consider. 

Green color palette

We’re all starved for that nurturing connection with Mother Nature. Not only are we too immersed in the electronic world and surrounded by concrete and plastics all the time, but we have been trapped inside for quite some time now. The power of nature can really refuel our minds and remove some of the stress of modern life. Besides welcoming greenery inside, people are also embracing the color green and all its shades in their interiors. We can see the increased use of soft green tones on walls, but also in velvet sofas, sage accessories and olive rugs. 

Ancient Greece revival

Ever since Gwenyth Paltrow opened the doors to her home for Architectural Digest and showed the people her exquisite dining room, the trend of Ancient Greece revival has been raging online. The Hellenistic revival evokes strong Ancient Greece motifs like Corinthian capitols, intricate columns, bust statues and that recognizable combination of blue, white and gold. If you want your place to lean towards a more feminine vibe, make sure to include Aphrodite and plenty of florals in the picture, and for a more masculine vibe, think ancient vessel motifs and Apollo statues. This is a trend no one expected but everyone embraced. 

Outdoor privacy

When talking about home design, we can’t forget our outdoor spaces. In the past two years, our yards and decks got more use than ever before, so they deserve all the attention. The first thing to take care of when tackling your backyard improvement is privacy and safety. You can’t feel like you’re in a green haven with all the prying eyes around you. Therefore, start with a fence. If you don’t want something completely sturdy and unnatural, a great solution is a combination of chain mesh fencing and a living fence. Your chain fence will prevent intruders from getting in and your kids and pets from getting out, ensuring complete safety and protection of your loved ones and your property. And your bamboo, arborvitae or boxwood planted in front of the mesh fence will add color, interest and beauty to your outdoor space. This is a combo that will blow up in 2022. 

Interesting lighting

If you want to upgrade your home today, but don’t want to do too much work or spend too much money, it’s time to reconsider your lighting. Interesting sculptural lighting is a popular trend right now that’s suitable for every budget and every space. And don’t be scared to go very bold with your lighting fixtures—abstract sconces, geometric hanging pendants and alien ceiling fixtures are all more than acceptable today. We’re also seeing the revival of Art Deco, Modernist, Atomic Age and Bauhaus movements from the 20th century, so feel free to introduce plenty of metallic accents, interesting finishes and glass additions. 

DIY solutions

All homeowners are trying to create a home that’s mindful and full of personality, and what better way to do that than with DIY. Through DIY, we create great low-waste habits and engage in upcycling and repurposing instead of creating trash. If you think of a project, don’t hesitate to do it to the best of your abilities and proudly display the results in your home. Even if something turns out imperfect, it will still add a ton of charm, character and functionality to your home. 

These are just some of the trends to keep an eye on this year. Choose the ones that you like, adjust them to your budget and space and enjoy your new and improved home.