Home Decor & Architectural Trends to Hop on in 2022

According to all predictions, 2022 was supposed to be a very special year for humanity. We have a pandemic that’s slowly dying out, but it certainly left a big mark on all our lives and every industry in the world. That’s why we have very interesting home décor and architectural trends to enjoy and try out this year. If you want to 

70s retro touches

One of the biggest trends in architecture and home décor is the return to trends from the past. A touch of 70s retro design is all it takes to freshen up your home in 2022. For instance, consider adding subtle splashes of burnt orange, deep greens and warm neutrals. To find retro furniture, you can hit flea markets and boutique stores or even resort to some DIY and upholster your old couch to fit the era. This can be a great activity for the entire family and everyone can take part in decorating your home. 


This is a relatively new trend, but one that’s been taking over the design world very quickly. Japandi is characterized by organic shapes, a contemporary vibe and a handmade feel of Japanese and Scandinavian design. It’s a great solution for all people who need more relaxation in their lives but don’t want to commit to complicated Japanese styles. Essentially, Japandi is IKEA for adults with a more comfortable and expensive style. When it comes to colors, expect warmer and more textured looks than in Modern Farmhouse and Industrial design, but Japandi can still be very appealing to all people attracted to minimalist interiors. 

Connection with outdoor

We’re all craving the natural world, so people who have been blessed with a backyard can deepen that connection with large glass doors and windows. Connect your deck with your living room with double glass doors and make both your outdoor and indoor spaces bigger. And don’t worry about insects or critters when you have retractable fly screens to keep intruders out of your home while also enjoying the freshness of the breeze. Fly screens offer great UV protection and natural ventilation, two things that are very coveted today. 

Home libraries

In this time of laptops, screens and other gadgets, more and more people are going back to regular books. Home libraries can be an amazing addition to any home, both in an intellectual and educational sense and aesthetic sense. A built-in bookshelf is a perfect backdrop to any living room or home office. And you don’t even have to fill it with books top to bottom. Add various interesting elements to it such as small sculptures, plants, lighting and collectables. It’s a timeless piece of décor and architecture fit for any home. 

Game rooms

Just like with home libraries, people who are not into reading are still looking for ways to step away from the computers and do something at home that’s more organic. They managed to find the answer in tabletop gaming. Expect this industry to rise from the ashes and produce amazing titles that are fun for the whole family. If you want something more physically active, introduce a Ping-Pong or pool table to your game room or opt retro arcades. 

Playing with pattern

Designers and architects alike are introducing more patterns into their designs, and homeowners are loving it. Of course, it’s never a good idea to go all-in with mixing large prints or repeating prints on all fabrics and walls, but a tasteful mix of patterned wallpaper with a stone or wood floor can be amazing. Think interesting patterned wallpaper with chevron flooring—it will look interesting without being overwhelming. 

With many new trends in design and architecture, you’ll 100% find something that fits your lifestyle and your space. Expect to fall in love with your home all over again with these trendy improvements.