Dating Trends That Are Defining 2022

The dating scene has changed with the pandemic outbreak – we’ve all noticed that. And the results are new dating trends we can observe in 2022. If you want to get back in the game, you should be familiar with all the new concepts in dating. We’ve prepared this guide to familiarize all those seeking to find love or a casual dating partner with the popular dating trends in 2022.


Keep reading to learn more about the ways you can date in 2022. Some of these ways include hesidating, dry-dating, slow dating and virtual dating. We’ll also mention fast-forwarding and facilitating. However, keep in mind that these are just some of the many modern dating forms. There are others such as oystering, untyping, wokefishing, liberdating, orbiting and benching.



This dating trend has arisen from the uncertain times brought on by the global pandemic outbreak. Hesitating refers to being unsure about whether you want to date seriously or casually. The uncertain life we led during the coronavirus rocked our entire world and belief system. And as it lasted for quite some time, it has influenced our perceptions. 

Anyway, there are a few heterosexual and gay options for getting back in the game. For example, if you are a gay person in a city such as New York, you can consider contacting gay dating services in New York. They can help you find a suitable person for you, even if you are hesidating. Such services have an astonishing success rate of 87%! You can also find a matchmaker across Australia, New Zealand, London and other international cities.  


Dry-dating has also become a popular form of dating post-covid. More and more people opt for this kind of dating. Dry-dating refers to dating that doesn’t involve drinking alcohol. There is a major shift in the pre-established societal norms about dating and alcohol. This alcohol-free form of dating opens up new doors in how you perceive relationships. You can completely focus on your potential partner and perhaps even establish a much deeper and more genuine relationship. Who knows – maybe you find the love of your life by dry-dating! You have nothing to lose, so don’t be afraid to try it. 

Slow dating

Slow dating has been around for quite some time. It implies getting to know your potential partner better, before deciding to start a serious relationship with them. Or, even meet in person. In this case, people put focus on their connection. Certain dating app makers believe ‌this trend has arisen from the fact that people had more time to seriously consider what they’re doing. The pandemic has caused people to think more critically about things they want or don’t want in a relationship. People want to get to know themselves as well as each other better before embarking on a relationship.

Virtual dating

Virtual dating has been present even before the pandemic outbreak. However, it thrived even more during the coronavirus. In some moments, virtual dating was the only form of dating possible. People were in touch with each other thanks to social networking sites and instant messaging apps. We also see virtual dating as low pressure as compared to traditional forms of dating. So, if you haven’t been active for a while on the dating scene, perhaps this is the way to slowly ease yourself into it, without too much pressure.


Dating that includes the trend of fast-forwarding implies thinking ahead and weighing whether a person fits into what you want from your partner. Generally, people have started appreciating emotional availability more than physical appearance, according to some recent surveys. Such dating enables people to be selective when it comes to dating and it prevents them from wasting time.


Facilidating means dating someone who is already present in your life as a friend. Many relationships have emerged from friendships, and this ‌makes dating easier.

As you can see, besides the traditional forms of dating, there are other modern-age forms of dating you can try.