Photography Trends That Will Catch Your Eye in 2023

Just like any form of artistic expression, photography is not immune to trends. In 2023, we can notice a quick shift toward authenticity and regression toward past times and trends. If you’re looking to stay in the loop and freshen up your style, here are a few photography trends to keep in mind in the upcoming year: 

Real film shooting

Film photography is coming back and we’re welcoming it with our hands wide open. Shooting real film has always been present and students never stopped learning how to use this form of photography because it’s a great way to improve your skills. However, the biggest issue with it is practicality. Luckily, there are ways amateurs can also enjoy this trend without having to invest in any new equipment. It’s possible to get that original film look on your digital camera with some practice. 

Flash photography

Flash photography has that bright look that’s been really popular for quite some time, and is often used creatively to provide feelings of nostalgia and grunge. This trend is interesting because it’s playful and bright, maybe a bit abrasive and counter-intuitive, but that’s what makes it so attractive. Some use flash to solve difficult lighting environments but others simply use it to add drama to their images. Whatever the reason, try it out and see how your photos will look like vintage polaroids and retro disposable camera snaps. 

Raw and authentic images

For years, we’ve been living in a world of perfect social media posts that only show the highlights of the moment. But now, people are seeking a better connection and more authenticity from photographs. Today, we have a real explosion of people taking and sharing raw, real and authentic images without even trying to make them look perfect. However, this doesn’t mean that images are not getting edited at all—having a unique style is important for every photographer—but the real focus is on capturing emotions, encouraging body positivity and not trying to hide struggles and tough situations. With that in mind, don’t think that raw photography simply includes point-and-shoot scenarios. If you want to have a beautiful and authentic shoot with your family, it’s still important to hire an expert in family photography and discuss your wishes with them. This way, you’ll get original photos that represent your life in the most authentic way without the shots looking random and disjointed. 

Blurred motion

This trend was big in 2022, but we can expect to see it in 2023 even more often. Blurred motion is often used to add an illusion of movement to a still image (heavy traffic, running water, moving clouds, etc.). It can also be used to capture a moving object in a long-exposure style with blurred background, but more and more photographers are blurring the subject itself. Surprisingly, this is a big trend in wedding photography, used to add some artistic spice to in-focus albums and give the overall story some depth. 

Phone-optimized photos

Most people today browse photos through their smartphones. What this means for the world of photography is that we need to adapt to what kind of photographs we can take and how to frame them for the ultimate experience. The most important thing to consider is limited screen space, so photographers in the future will need to figure out how to make their photos more compact. It also includes making the majority of photos vertical. If a photographer uses a smartphone to take photos, they can avoid many issues. However, with DLSR cameras, post-production will require more effort. Luckily, it’s quite easy to optimize images for mobile phones, if you have a good eye, that is. Looking at an image on a smartphone can help, for instance. 

No matter if you’re a photographer, a casual Instagram lover or a model, it’s great to be in the know when it comes to photography trends. Make sure to try all these out in 2023 and pursue the trends you like the most.