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Lea Detchema is a limited collection of modern, feminine, eco-friendly and comfortable women’s workwear, including accessories (brooches and belts) to mix and match for afterworks. Manufactured in Paris with high quality fabrics, Lea Detchema symbolizes slow fashion: quality, timeless design and durability because a comfortable and well-cut garment will always have style. Lea Detchema was created to provide clothes that empower women in business. Feel confident, powerful and refined by wearing premium business wear that highlights not only your business savvy, but also your femininity. The brand supports your ambitions and goals while still offering comfort. Express yourself through your personal style both in and out of the office with our high-quality, chic designs.



”With island roots, Sicilian father, Madeiran mother, born in the French part of Switzerland, I grew up in an environment bathed in culture and art. My parents took me to visit museums when I was a child and I developed a taste for beauty at a very young age. When I was 8 years old, my first creation was born, small bracelets that I sold to my classmates. From this first experience, I kept the sense of creation and the desire to one day design a complete collection to dress and beautify women. My school and student career, naturally led me to management positions within large multinational companies. My creative mind was a bit on standby, but I was still doing photography, modeling, and drawing clothes in my free time. When visiting customers and during after works, I realized how badly women’s clothing was adapted to the world of work. Sad clothes, dull colors, uncomfortable fabrics. The women seemed to be doomed to look like men if they wanted to be successful. The idea came to me to use my creative sense to design a collection of women’s ready-to-wear that combines comfort, femininity and color – that is so little present in the business world – so that beauty and class become strengths for women who struggle in the so competitive world of work.”


Discover more in our exclusive interview with Lea Detchema:


When did you first realize you wanted to launch your own label?

I always knew that one day, I’ll launch my own label. Since I was 8 years old. During the covid period, I was working in the telecommunication industries and realized that I had gone around and didn’t have challenge anymore. I thought then it’s now or never to realize my dream to become a fashion designer. 

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career what would it be? 

“Go ahead and don’t be discouraged by people!” and  “You don’t need to study a lot to achieve your goals.” 

How do you want your clients to feel when wearing your pieces and on what occasions can be worn?

My goal are that my clients feel stronger, powerful, selfconfident, glamorous and comfortable. They can wear my creations for daily business and some outfits can also match for afterwoks and cocktails.

Can you define us in a few words the meaning of a long-lasting garment?

To me, this is not only about quality, but also timeless designs and cuts. 



There is one important person in your life, who pushes and motivates you to believe in yourself?

My husband who is also my business partner. He is helping me with the business side and I’m more focused on design and marketing.

Tell us how your feelings influence the creativity process?

As any human being and moreover as a creator, I go through many feelings from euphoria to anxiety. I have the luck to be surrounded by calm persons that temper my reactions and allow me to be always in the right mood to design and create.

What are the next steps for your label, in order to grow up more?

First of all, I would like again to emphasis that we are a slow fashion brand. Therefore, we would like to have a sustainable growth without compromising our key values.
Taken this into consideration, our next steps will be to expand our physical presence through the multiplication of pop-up store and sales events.  




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