Stagecoach 2023 Day One

We survived our first day at Stagecoach Festival 2023. Albeit, we were more than enthused to attend this over 75,000 guest country music festival, the heat and the parking, along with the over 3 mile walk kind of put a damper on our first day.

We arrived late, not too late though to see the vast array of eclectic fashion from the girls to the boys. As we made our way from the parking lot into the festival, we were surrounded by cowboy hats and boots from the traditional boot to the gaudy.

The pedi-cabs offer a semi quick ride from the parking lot to the opening of the festival entrance; $30 a ride but does help when walking in the heat!

Performers on tap to perform today are: Tyler Childers, Ryan Bingham, Luke Grimes, Brooks and Dunn, Turnpike Troubadours and of course Chris Stapleton as the headliner.