Written by Lauren Weeks
Images by Victoria Bruno

Reem Acra time and time again presents accentuated figures and emotional storytelling in her eponymous line, where bridal continues to be “the heart and soul” of the brand, though she also creates ready-to-wear pieces in a separate facet. The atmosphere in Acra’s bridal showroom was positively ethereal as coquettish models strolled with grace worthy of a ballerina, as delicate as the tulle details and small white flowers their hairstyles were adorned with. Slicked back buns with white fabric flower accents and sheer tulle veils complemented a bold yet traditionally feminine cat eye in black liner on glowing skin. This understated yet luxe makeup and hair brought an elegantly youthful feel overall – with not a hair out of place, it perfectly placed our visual spotlight on the designer’s stunning gowns, many of which also featured floral motifs. The showroom itself was framed in wildly ethereal branches of flowering white trees that highlighted the collection’s modern traditional beauty without the atmosphere feeling overdone or forced.

The theme of the newest collections harkened back to that hallowed Old Hollywood element of dressing up, which isn’t often as prevalent in today’s world. Reem Acra aims to make bride’s star-studded dreams come true and bring that extra-special feeling to their special day with unique and flattering assets in each design. With the combined elegance of a Hollywood inspired collection and a nod to Naomi Biden’s sophisticated wedding dress of dreams, the story was cohesive. Each gown was impeccably tailored, intricately constructed, and coverworthy beyond a doubt. Acra presented overarching themes of modernised lace and glittering patterned textiles, mod-reminiscent oversized floral motifs, and modern feminine details. We saw gown necklines of every shape, presenting something perfect for every individual bride’s fairytale. The design story was dominated by gossamer sheer tulle layers including single layered sleeves and necklines, touches of pearl buttons arching up dainty backs, and eye catching crystalline bows adorning looks in lieu of a traditional bridal belt.

There were a few standout looks from the well-rounded showing that were especially delightful. Our stylist’s top look featured a striking fluid sequin design with a modest mock neck and long sleeves, contrasted with an entirely open square back. The design choice tastefully exposed the ribcage for a modest yet modern look all in one – perfectly encapsulating Acra’s brand identity and vision of timeless tradition marrying unforgettable design. Worthy of the red carpet or the aisle, this gown stands the test of time as a modernised Old Hollywood classic in our opinion for generations of trends to come.
Another noteworthy piece seemed far more casual by contrast: Acra took inspiration from an easygoing kaftan, elevated brilliantly into the bridal realm. The look was the most unassuming of the collection, with an interestingly beachy yet dignified loose long balloon sleeve crafted in a fun oversized floral motif lace. The simple and chic shape of the crisp white gown just dusted the floor in an approachable way for the uninhibited bride, rather than being weighed down by the classical flowing trains we often see from Acra in her more intricate signature bridalwear designs.
Continuing her updated application of classical bridal notes, the designer also used traditional tulle textiles in new modern ways throughout the presented collections. She drew inspiration in this way from her “visions of Old Hollywood love stories [updated] to fit the modern woman and her individuality.” One heavenly dress featuring a unique double neckline in a boatneck cut was a shining example – crisp white fabric was edged with a stunning transparent tulle covered in lace florals that circled the upper body. The neckline was met in back by a matching floral tulle cape-veil that gathered around a bride’s shoulders like angel wings, cascading in gradually thinning flowers down to a jaw-dropping floor length train. The look will appeal without question to the contemporary bride looking to make a truly unforgettable entrance, from front to back down the aisle. Acra’s collection showing as a whole was a delight for the eye and encapsulated modern glamour flattering for any bride through a timeless lens.

Reem Acra is a legendary Lebanese designer in New York City, sought after globally for her innovative and eye-catching couture bridalwear. The designer caught the eye of the worldwide fashion community after a renowned socialite wore Acra’s first bridal design to her wedding celebration, launching Acra into the industry spotlight and beginning her eponymous bridal couture line that same year in 1997. Layered textures, intricate embellishments and beading, and detailed embroidery are trademarks of Acra’s design identity – popular for decades with the glamorous luxury bride looking for tradition complemented by a modern aesthetic.

Writer: Laur Weeks @Laur.Weeks
Photographer: Victoria Bruno
Designer: Reem Acra @reemacra
Publication: Vprcommag
PR: Atelier PR @atelierpr
Venue: Reem Acra Showroom