Fashion illustrations bring to light the important details that need more focus and attention. These fashion sketches have detailing regarding the apparel design, the fabric flow, cuts and pleats wherever necessary. They form the foundation on which the entire planning and approach for the design of a particular garment or accessory are based upon.

Every journey to deliver a fashionable product starts with a fashion drawing. Without it, nothing really can be made. A fashion designer’s illustration of the idea is the initial picture of the entire process of designing. The sketch design is one of the first things in the step-by-step procedure that leads to the final design. Any changes related to the design can be made on these figure drawings, and you’ll also be able to see if the design idea is working alright when put together in an outfit!

Through fashion illustration, designers can practically put down their ideas. They can freely explore their thoughts and desires. The fashion design illustration helps designers to create new concepts by introducing their unique and authentic ideas practically. This gives life to new fashion trends. The fashion illustration ideas help in propagating a new sense of fashion.

Saikhantsetseg Tserendorj is a fashion designer and fashion illustrator from Mongolia. She is currently living in New York.  She came to the USA after high school to become a Fashion designer and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with an Associate in Fashion Design and a Bachelors in Technical Design.

Saikhantsetseg has loved drawing ever since she was a child. During high-school, she realized she loved drawing people and fashion more than still objects and landscapes. She loves designing one of a kind dresses with interesting cutouts and details. She’s been focusing on working as a fashion illustrator at the moment.

Saikhantsetseg describes her style as free, expressive and one of a kind. Her favorite mediums are pen, markers and watercolor.