Fashion designer Natasha Peter is representing first nations culture and Kaska Dena traditions

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”The Kaska ancestral lands span across parts of what is known today as the British Columbia, Yukon, and The North West Territories provinces in Canada. Our people have lived, worked, played, and hunted on these lands long before recorded history. Kaska Dena have a shared history, passed down by our elders through stories, myths, and traditions that connect the five clans who occupied Kaska Land. We say Dene Kʼéh Kusān, which translates to always will be there. We’re proud to share our lands today with settlers and travellers who appreciate the forests, waters, and abundance of wildlife on our lands. But these lands will always be our home.”



The fashion designer Natasha Peter is a single mother to a beautiful 4 year old baby girl who is proudly teaching her Dena ways. She is from Ross River, Yukon Canada and she is from Kaska First Nation.

‘’I am a member of the Wolf Clan, I was raised on Kaska Lands and kaska ways. My family history line is kaska, southern Tutchone, Tlingit, and Scottish a long line of strong people, my Dena name is Dena’sqwella. My Dena name came from my great grandmother Mary Charlie’s grandmother on her fathers side of the family.’’

Natasha had started Kaska Dena Designs as a hobby seven years ago while she had attended college to upgrade her skills to become a nurse. During this time of life, she was in a dark spot of her life, she didn’t know where she was going or what her purpose was in life. She was fighting addictions at the time, a year had passed by, then two years and little did she know, her creations and Dena skills were healing me. So, when she had realized this – she stuck it out and continued creating. Her sewing skills that were taught from her elders, who are no longer alive today, her grandparents who I cherish and admire are no longer alive.



Learn what inspired Natasha Peter to become a fashion designer representing first nations culture and Kaska Dena traditions.



‘’I’m here carrying on their legacy and passing onto the next generation and showing them how important it is to keep our Dena ways alive and most importantly my daughter, she can also pass onto her children. My designs are traditionally handmade that are luxurious modernized – contemporary clothing and jewelry. When I create, it comes from the place of honouring those that have taught me what I know to be true. The land heals us, nourishes us, inspires us; it is our home. To be inspired by the environment is to see the natural beauty it offers us and reflect its warmth, colours, and peace for us to appreciate once more. When I create, it comes from the heart.



A place of calmness, creativity, and love for my culture. The strength and fighting spirit of my grandparents are what gives my work its unique beauty. As I sew, memories of those I love are stitched in every piece I make. When they wear the clothing I make, my customers feel the confidence, pride, and beauty my grandparents have taught. This is what makes my clothes so unique. When I create, it is not only about me. It is also about providing a legacy that appreciates, and protects the traditions that have defined me and my ancestors. In celebrating my culture, I can pass it down to future generations. When my customers wear my designs, they support me as an independent artist. This means providing for my daughter and myself. In being independent, I can do what I love!”