First Our Home

"First our "home" is where our parents live, then a room we share with our school mates, then a flat we rent alone, later with our loved ones. But after we got…


Exploring curating and art-making as a methodology that suggests the human condition is more complex then it is currently understood, Alexandria (Ally) Zlatar examines, instigates and provokes notions of the individual experience through…


HORSCHAMPS » ( means « out of the frame » in French) is made up of two self-portraits, oil on canvas 3 pictures using artificial intelligence and

Emerald prophecy

Emerald Prophecy by Louise Marcaud

The mask represents the prophecy of the pandemic predicted by Nostradamus. the touch of emerald green gives a message of hope. All the clothes are made by the designer Louise Marcaud who offers clothes made from second-hand clothes.

Masked by Kerys Evans

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a hysteria causing us all to wear masks. But we all can be masked at times

Covider by Yael Bar Cohen

Credits: Wardrobe Stylist/Model/Makeup Artist Hair Stylist/Photographer: Yael Bar Cohen IG: https://www.instagram.com /yael.bc/ WB: yael.bc Wardrobe Stylist/Photographer: Orri Dror WB: orridror
Pause Fashion Hub

Playing Inside by Pause Fashion Hub

PLAYING INSIDE [foogallery id="6083"] Everything, the light, and the dark side, All so beautiful. Flawless, unproductive creations. Let’s be saved by colors and hugs, by connexions. Let’s play inside. Emotions. Puzzles. Love.…

Empty Spaces by Olga Guralnik

Empty Spaces, an editorial with a take on the current world environment due to COVID-19