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MFW | Gilberto Calzolari Spring Summer 2022 Collection

My SS22 collection, perhaps the most overtly "summery" I have ever created, combines three different inspirations. On the one hand, it was like going back to my childhood, to the never-ending Summers…

Spring Summer 2022 Collection

“…Colours are like words. With colours you can tell stories” (Ettore Sottsass). The optimism, light mood, and creativity of the famous architect and designer’s skillful and ironic work are the primary source…

Maryling’s Nautical Chic Home Away From Home|Spring Summer 2022

The desire for adventure comes from the sea and returns there thanks to MARYLING style. For its Spring-Summer 2022 collection, it reinterprets the nautical mood with its recognizable artistic flair expressed in…

Gianluca Capannolo SS21 Milan Fashion Week

The international situation does not scare designer Gianluca Capannolo . “After the end of every war there is always a rebirth. I believe this is the time to be reborn,” the designer…

Alessandro Enriquez SS21 Milan Fashion Week

Alessandro Enriquez's Spring-Summer 2021 collection is a tribute to Italy, love, and the genuine art of Italian food. "A cheeky hymn to Italy, an Italy that is recovering and transforming itself, starting…

Vitelli Spring Summer 2021 Milan Fashion Week

Vitelli’s 8th “Gioventù Cosmica” collection feels like a surreal journey down to the abyss of the sea only to re-emerge invigorated and refreshed. Expressed through Italian craftsmanship, the brand celebrates collectivism and…

OT TO L I N G E R – Spring Summer 21 Milan Fashion Week

The lockdown period gave Ottolinger time to refocus and more deeply consider what is truly essential about the brand. For them, this means creating clothes that empower all of us, make us…