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BORA AKSU Spring/Summer 2024

Designer Bora Aksu wanted to return to his roots for SS24; a recent trip to Istanbul inspired a sense of reconnection with memories of his childhood, and the label’s whimsical spirit gave…


Tech Trends & Predictions in Fashion Industry

Technology changes are happening at a swift pace, and the growth it is showing is exponential. If we can think of the time between the appearance of the first PC and the…


5 Tips for Growing a Successful Fashion Business

Is building a reputable brand in the fashion industry your biggest dream? A great method to express your genuine self and earn some money is to expand your fashion business. Although the…


Amazing And Stylish Gifts To Make Her Happy

A special woman in your life deserves to be happy and spoiled. Whether it’s her birthday, an anniversary or a special accomplishment, there’s one thing for sure: buying her an amazing gift…


Iconic fashion trends influenced by Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is a power-dressing pioneer with a distinct sense of personal flair. She understands what she likes and what looks good on her, and she uses her clothing to convey a…



A Fashionable Word or Two… When Words on Clothing Have Meaning  Every so many years, a graphic statement is made in fashion via the written word. A few iconic faves come to…


A VPRCOM editorial story by Bade Fuwa in Lagos, Nigeria Photography @badefuwa Model @ewameansbeauty

fashion business

Efficient Ways to Promote a Small Fashion Business

The fashion industry is an incredibly interesting and profitable field, but it’s also among the most ambitious and competitive sectors out there. Building a fashion business was likely already a challenge on…