Seeking new voices for the end of the world…

This post for #VPRCommag is the start of a conversation, an open invitation to set aside the dismal news and never-ending ramblings about the world and use your words to say whatever it is that you need to say.

The first voice that you get to hear is Josie Campbell. You will see many more things from this particular writer, and, I’m excited to have her be the opener for this little “End of the world” collective… Apocalyptic survival kit:

When I imagined what an apocalypse would look like, I didn’t imagine it would entail that of Netflix asking me – “are you still watching?”; an onslaught of brief, yet impassioned, contemporary TikTok dances; my foraging for plain flour on eBay. And while, comparably, a rather anti-climatic adaptation of the World War Z style apocalypse I had otherwise imagined, I have nonetheless found that even our current blissful boredom requires some kind of survival kit.

So, I have got to thinking – what is my survival kit in these current climes? 1. Yeast

Yes: a sachet of single-celled microorganisms has made it into my kit. While not exactly the Brad Pitt end-of-the-world-side-kick I had imagined, these fun guys have nonetheless become something of a quasi-best friend – providing me with my favourite kind of carbohydrate (Bread – not Brad, sadly) so I can still eat heavily buttered white toast while the world ends.

2. An Italian Vogue Archive

Italian Vogue very kindly released its entire archive of magazines (dating back to 1964), free of charge, as a source of comfort during these unprecedented times. And despite not having spoken a single word of Italian in my entire 21 years of existence, VOGUE thankfully takes a largely pictorial form. Even so, the release of this archive has incited something even more extraordinary than a Covid-fuelled apocalypse: my downloading of Duolingo to learn some basic Italian. Ciao!

3. A nearby post box, a laptop, and an online retailer

As a fashion blogger, I often run out of my own, rather limited, wardrobe contents to talk about. However, given the current situation, I don’t think the rest of my town would be happy to find my standing in a shop queue not to be for food, but that of my return of a very important ASOS order. However, it was only yesterday I stumbled upon the fact that any clothes which fit through the post box can be sent without having to walk within 10 miles of the post office. So, it has now become my task to review anything which, if of the incorrect size, is fits through a small rectangle.

Apocalyptic Survival Kit, Words by Josie Campbell

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